Somx Celebrity gist: Davido ‘react to Dammy Krane arrest in us for theft

Dammy Krane was on Friday arrested on a 7-count charge in the United States for Grand theft, forgery, credit card theft and intent to defraud.

According to information supplied by a Private Jet Service provided, Dammy Krane booked their service using a stolen credit card, and they immediately called the attention of the Police.

The singer was arrested immediately, and mugshots of the singer were circulated online, which of course verified that Dammy Krane was indeed arrested in Miami for fraud.

Dammy Krane in reaction, has neither confirmed or denied his arrest, instead he said assured his fans all will be well.

Details have it that he was arrested alongside another Nigerian named, Chukwuemeka Gabriel Ilochukwu, a co-conspirator possibly for the same crime as Dammy’s.

Davido has since reacted to his arrest, He wrote on Snapchat;

Recall that Davido signed Dammy Krane to his label, DMW last year shortly after his exit from 2baba’s Hypertek.

Davido took to his snapchat account to show support to his artiste.

“Free Dammy Krane!, God gat you”, Davido wrote.


Somx News: Most Read! Mistake all ‘Up Coming Artist Should Avoid

​Mistakes All ‘upcoming Artistes’ Should Avoid

Am writing this article based on my personal experiences and things i have come across and noticed relating to Upcoming Music Acts over time.

Am not saying every music artist in don’t go about things the right way. There are many who do things outstandingly well, and am a fan of a lot of them, there are some that when i listen to, i pray that their voices be heard someday.

But from the trends am noticing nowadays, a lot of things are going wrong due to the level of ignorance exhibited by most self acclaimed ‘Musical Artistes’ making it difficult for the voice of the good ones to be heard.

-They think its all about have a stage name, then next they have to belong to group of no music knowledge individuals which they ignorantly call music label/group/crew that mostly has an acronym like name (Something like; FFT, PTA, XME )

-At their little or no level they think they must have someone somewhere (mostly older than them) they ignorantly refer to as their ‘Manager’. A manager without music knowledge and experience who could hardly manage his own self or life.

-They think it all about recording and dropping songs at every opportunity they get. Even they themselves, when this songs pops up on their ‘Now playing’ they are left with no choice but to click next.

Who any of these things don Epp?

Am not saying any of these is wrong to do/have. But most ya’ll go about it wrongly or do it coz u see someone else doing it, without you even knowing why it is so.

‘You say you want to blow’, but you cant even successfully own or manage a Twitter or IG account, some of them would say Twitter is boring and not interesting, like WTF! Where else do you expect to meet those that would move your craft? On Whatsapp or 2go?

‘You say you want to blow’, and you don’t event know or have an idea of what happening in the music scene up there. In the last 3months you cant remember intentionally visiting any of the big Nigerian Music site.

You call yourself a rapper, but under gun point you cant even freestyle smoothly to save your own life, the talent level is zero

You wan blow, but you think being an artist is all about recording songs only. You don’t even care to push these songs, i call people like this ‘MTN’ artists, doing music for just ‘family & friends’.

To get to the lime light, you have to take it as a challenge to do what others are not doing, the grind is important. Its not easy we know, but always remember that ‘if it was easy everybody would do it’

I can tell you that there are a hundreds of thousand artists like or better you all over the country. Its not as easy as you think.

First you need to be good (trust me, within yourself you know it if ur good or not).

Secondly, you need to be passionate about this music thing, don’t do it for the wrong reasons. After giving the producer headache recording a song for hours which shouldn’t have lasted up to 40min, then you blame the producer for a poor output. I also wonder why these producers aren’t honest to guys like this, they would end affecting you name negatively.

Third, you need to stand out and create you own niche, give any person who comes across you work a reason to be interested in you craft.

You cant be doing a particular artist and expect us to be interested in you. Why you, when the person you trying to be like is there. His definitely better than u coz his d source.

Fourthly, getting your song out there is vital, each song you drop should increase your audience base. Get a ‘good’ blogger/promoter that would help you with this and ‘pay him’. Yes pay him, that’s the sacrifice. Have it in mind that Someday you wouldn’t have to pay him for that anymore. My definition of a good blog is one such as Somxclusive website We would help you create the necessary structure you need.

Most of ya’ll may say “who this one be, or ‘wetin’ this one know ‘wey hin dey’ talk all this things”. I might not know much but am a blogger who knows a whack artist when i listen to or see one.

But trust me if your an artiste and you read this article from the top till here, i think you have a direction and i can say to you the sky is surely your limit if you do things rightly.

There is a lot to say, but i have to cut it right here leaving you with this tip. “Record every song like, that artist you look up to is going to listen to it and decide whether to sign you based on what he heard”

And also remember to stay humble and ready.

I wish you success. We would meet at the top

Unbelievable Adekunle Gold is set to lunch his label

Yes! You heard it right….

Adekunle Gold is set to launch is own record label very soon. This is coming after the expiration of his contract at the Olamide led YBNL Nation.

Adekunle Gold has since taken down every information that has to do with YBNL away from all his Social Media handles.

In a matter of weeks, he would be launching out on his own with his first independent project featuring UK based singer Moelogo titled “Only Girl“.

Goodluck to Adekunle Gold!!